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About us
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Tholco Real Estate Group, Inc.
Tholco Real Estate Group, Inc. is woman owned real estate company serving all of California, Hawaii and soon to be Nevada. We believe in a simple commission concept... if you do the work you earn the money. This simple concept allows our agents to keep 100% of their hard earned commissions. We realize how tough the market is and many Agents have left the business, we have recognized these changes in the industry and have built an alternative solution so that Agents can make the money they work hard for!
We make the decision simple and obvious, choose Tholco Real Estate Group when your ready to make 100% commission!
Our Broker has over 6 years licensed full time experience in residential real estate plus an additional 14 years in property management and real estate investments. As a long time producing Agent and Broker he understands what Agents want in the broker they work for; agents require and focus on three main principles – support, honesty and commission. We are here to provide all three and have the reputation to back our claims! Our compensation structure enables agents to keep their commissions instead of paying other Brokers high splits, desk fees and gimmick fees.
We encourage you to explore our site and learn more about how we can serve you and put more money in your pocket. We are a company that provides 100% support to our agents who also happens to believe in paying our agents 100% commission!