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Why we're better
Our Agents tell us we're pretty great but please let us know what you think.
In the past couple years there have been many so-called 100% commission or e-broker companies that have popped up. Many of these companies have since gone defunct and although a handful of these companies still exist the remaining few may not have the infrastructure to survive in this turbulent market. We have been in business since 2006 with our broker engaging in real estate management and investments long before that. Our seasoned staff brings to the table over 50 years of real estate experience.
What does this mean to you?
This means that we will be here when you need us, we're here to stay!
What makes our commission plan unique?
Sell More - Save More:
Well first off we're the only company that actually lessens the transaction fee based on the more you sell. Secondly, we offer the highest net commission payouts and we refuse to play the "Hidden Fees" game (i.e. Risk Management, E&O, Penalties, etc.)! If your considering another company, before you sign their contract please look at all the small print. Our company is built on honesty and integrity and you will NEVER HAVE HIDDEN FEES!!!
Unsurpassed Broker Support:
Since it takes a relatively small amount of education to obtain a broker's license it is imperative that you select a broker that has had experience in the field, is hands-on and most of all accessible. Our Broker has many years of experience as a Broker and boasts even more experience as a successful California and Hawaii Realtor. We look forward to assisting you on your next transaction.
E&O Insurance:
Tholco Real Estate Group insures our Agents with $1,000,000 of "A" Rated E&O Insurance. Errors and Omissions insurance is available at much lower costs but we believe that sacrificing a little profit for the best coverage is a no-brainer.